The Film

Production News

On March 3rd, 2015 we filmed the play To Begin the World Over Again: the Life of Thomas Paine in front of a live audience at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood, California with a magnificent crew led by legendary Cinematographer and Director Haskell Wexler. This was the culmination of many months of planning and fund-raising. We had raised $80,000 from 150 + individuals and organizations, with contributions ranging from $1 to $25,000!

The money has gone to:

Pre-production Fund-raising, planning, stage design, purchasing of props and costume, production meetings at the Lillian $5,000

The Filming (Cast, crew, theatre space, equipment, catering, printing and publicity) $40,000

Post Production Editing, music recordings and rights, packaging, design of DVDs and CDs, creating a distribution plan $35,000

Reserve We have raised an additional $10,000 to cover:
American and foreign distribution

The Cast & Crew

Written by
Ian Ruskin

Elliott Gould

Thomas Paine
Ian Ruskin

Directed for the Stage by
Shanga Parker

Produced by
Alan Barker
Stuart MacGuire Ian Ruskin June Stoddard Bob Johnson for the World Union of Deists

Associate Producers
John Hall
Julien Minard

Director of Photography
Haskell Wexler, ASC

Joan Churchill, ASC
Battiste Fenwick Bill Megalos

Sound Alan Barker


Robin Doyno


Keith Robinson

Stage Manager
Aaron Lyons

Set Decoration
June Stoddard

Technical Assistant
Kevin Lynn

Production Assistant
Jessica Richards

Sarah Nash Gates

Joyce Degenfelder

Ann Beckette

Original Music Composed, Arranged, Scored, and Performed by:
Rosie courtesy Odyssey Productions, Global Jukebox Publishing, Ludlow Music and the Richmond Organization
Haydn’s “The Creation” courtesy Naxos Music Library

Music Clearances:
David McLees

Sound Design
Daniel Castillo