Host a Screening of our Film!

WE NEED THOMAS PAINE'S VOICE NOW MORE THAN EVER, AND THE SCREENINGS WILL CONTINUE THIS YEAR WITH OUR NEW AND IMPROVED SCREENING KIT, DEVELOPED IN COLLABOARATION WITH THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCITION! Click on the appropriate Blue Bar below and you can then view your Screening Kit. We are proud of it and hope that it inspires you, Libraries, Non-Profits and Corporations, to screen this film and have discussions about the future of America.

We’re excited about this grass-roots way to spread this story across the globe. We would love you to host a Screening and be among the first to share the film with your patrons, friends and colleagues! The Kit will help you have a successful and inspiring event.

When your friends and colleagues see the film we hope that it will motivate them to:

  •   Volunteer to host a screening for their organization
  •   Write articles to a local paper about the importance of this story
  •   Use social media to spread the word.
  •   Or whatever they feel moved to do

For individuals to host a screening party in your home, buy a DVD in The Shop, tick the box when you order, and we will send you our 27 page Individual Screening Kit.

Individual Screenings

Non-Profit/Community Based Organization Screenings

Corporate/For-Profit Organization Screenings

Host a Daughters of the American Revolution Screening

Host a Library Screening

If your event is in or around Los Angeles, or coincides with his travel, Ian would be happy to come for a Q & A after the film, schedule permitting. 

A Special Note: if you are going to host Screenings outside of the United States, and we would love you to, all items purchased in the Shop are subject to a $15 shipping and handling fee (that is what it costs us!)

Questions? Use the form below or email us directly at