Photo: Alan Barker, Joan Churchill, Haskell Wexler, Bill Megalos and Ian Ruskin at Vidiots, Venice, California after the screening.

Response to our first Screening

"Thank you for making an inspiring and surprisingly contemporary film about a Founding Father…. looking forward to this film launching many conversations about justice and democracy. I'm a new Thomas Paine fan!"--Lisa Leeman, Documentary Filmmaker

It is such an intimate film. Bravo!--Bill Megalos, Cameraman on the crew

It's the simultaneously sad and uplifting story of an ordinary man who found the power within himself to begin the world over again. See for yourself why I am so inspired by this tale of courage, narrow escapes and uncompromising passion for creating a nation worthy of its greatness.--Dan Brin, Managing Editor and Senior Writer, Bleiweiss Communications


Responses to the Night of Filming.


It was great because it’s very contemporary…its all very relevant to what we’re going through right now in our government and our society.

It’s such a powerful show, and what it says about the clash of civil liberties and the threat to civil liberties that we’re experiencing right now, its an echo of what Thomas Paine was talking about back then.

It made me want to live my own life better.

He doesn’t perform like Thomas Paine, he channels Thomas Paine.

At these current times there’s a lot of us younger generation people and we need to know about people like Tom Paine. I feel that it gives us a boost with everything that’s going on right now.

This is a play that’s going to make a difference in a lot of peoples’ lives

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