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Latest Huffington Post Piece:

Too Much Democracy? What would Thomas Paine Say?

Film Distribution

The film will be distributed by NETA, the National Educational Telecommunications Association, to public television stations this year so that Paine's words can ring out in a Presidential election year!


Through the The Film page we are launching a grassroots campaign across America to spread the word about the television airings through Screening Parties and much more.


Our Youtube page now includes the film trailer and our seven short films that inspired this project, using excerpts from the play to challenge Bob Basso's version of Thomas Paine. Thank you, Bob!

The Thomas Paine Society

Also visit The Thomas Paine Society's "Tom Talks" on Youtube, the first of a series. Ian takes on one of the most topical questions of today, the size of the government.

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration has the complete text of Thomas Paine's Agrarian Justice on their website. Extraordinary! (Thanks to The Thomas Paine Society for pointing this out).

Reviews of Ian's Performances in Los Angeles

“Unmistakable topicality and human interest infuses To Begin the World Over Again…it is undeniably apropos for the corporatist-beleaguered present. Certainly Ruskin, whose versatility, innate affability and easy delivery lands directly between middle-period Geoffrey Rush and the late Roger Livesey, conveys the truth as he sees it, holding focus…maintaining intrigue…and the essence of Paine emerges…” -- David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times

“Ruskin’s Paine provides more than a mere history lesson; it’s a sort of performance art. Not only do we learn of a largely untold slice of the American story, we also get to see an actor in top form. So nuanced and layered is Ruskin’s performance, and so enlightening is his script, it’s as if Paine has been brought to back life just to speak to us.” -- Ben Miles, showmag.com, Los Angeles

“A superb intro to and history lesson about the 1776 radical…expertly acted…Ruskin reminds us that revolution is as American as apple pie.” -- Ed Rampell, LA Progressive

Thank you also to my production partner June Stoddard, these two runs would never have happened without her commitment.

Ian in London

The Los Angeles runs were followed by a trip to London and performances at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Festival and Conway Hall. The word is spreading.

A book that you might find interesting, from a great supporter of our work: "No God: Famous Atheists and Infamous Theists". Check it out!