Our Future

We want this to be a more lasting experience than simply watching a program on TV or on a DVD, and plan to develop an extensive web page for the public, and particularly for students, to explore issues in the play and from the time at a deeper level. We will be working once again with our amazing scholars and with our film editor/computer guru! We plan to use a applications such as https://www.thebrain.com/ or http://complexitymap.org/ as the creative programs for this site. Either of these programs, or others available, will instantly appeal to students as a fascinating way to do research, since they “mimic” the way that our brains work. For example, with a simple click, you could go from Thomas Paine, to any of the other Founding Fathers, to discover their personal backgrounds and beliefs. OR you could go to England and then go to either the history of English monarchs or their relationships with European monarchs, then to the French Revolution, OR go to the English slave trade. From there you would have the ability to go to information on America’s slaves then to Thomas Jefferson’s slaves then to Jefferson’s relationship to Thomas Paine. At each stop on the way there will be footage, images, music, links and questions to be answered. The possibilities are endless and we are VERY excited about this idea. We estimate a budget of $75,000.

Here is an example of the type of data visualization we'd like to do created by the Museum of Modern Art. Just hover over a name and click, MOMA Inventing Abstractions

So now… to fund-raising, and if any of you have ideas about that, use the form below and let us know


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  1. 1. Support the distribution of the film in America and worldwide.
  2. 2. Support the development of the Paine research website that will be freely available to educators and the public.
  3. 3. Produce a DVD with sub-titles, initially in Spanish, other languages to follow.

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