Our 2017 Distributiuon.

We had approximately 125 PBS World Channel stations airing the film on July 3rd, 4th and 9th, 2017 plus another 30+ PBS stations also airing on their main channels! For a full list of stations and air dates visit the PBS Distribution page–click here.

We are thrilled that NETA, the National Educational Telecommunications Association distributed the film to these public television stations nationwide. This gave us the greatest potential audience and the possibility of having the greatest potential impact with Paine’s words ringing out for all of America to hear.

And, interestingly, check this out... PBS News 

Please click here for the: Screening page to Host a screening at your home or organization.

The world is my country...--Thomas Paine

Foreign Distribution

Paine was the ultimate world citizen, born in England (who eventually wanted to hang him) and pivotal to the French Revolution in France (where he was nearly guillotined). When he returned to his beloved America he was not allowed to vote (supposedly because he was English!)

We want this story to be seen around the world in England, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa….anywhere! So, having secured distribution to public television in America, foreign distribution will be one of our main focuses.