We are very lucky to have had a distinguished group of scholars who guided Ian in his writing (in alphabetic order).

Dr. Richard R. Beeman
John Welsh Centennial Professor of History
University of Pennsylvania
Author: "Plain, Honest Men: The Making Of The American Constitution."

Kenneth W. Burchell
Recently published: "Thomas Paine and America, 1776-1809."

Jack Fruchtman, Jr.
Professor of Political Science
Director, Program in Law and American History Towson University
Author: “Thomas Paine: Apostle of Freedom.”

Edward Gray
Professor of History, Florida State University
Work in progress: "Mr. Paines Bridge: A Story of Architecture, Politics, And The Invention of a Revolutionary New Society."

Harvey J. Kaye
Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies
Director, Center for History and Social Change
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Author: "Thomas Paine and the Promise of America."

Gary B. Nash
Director of the National Center for History in the Schools at UCLA and Professor of History Emeritus.
Author: "The Unknown American Revolution: The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the Struggle to Create America."