Booking a Performance

The play can be performed anywhere – from a thousand-seat theater to the pulpit of a church, from a national convention to a local classroom – and has minimal staging needs. It is usually followed by a dialogue between the audience members and Ian Ruskin. The fee structure for 2016 is based on locality, size of audience and your budget. Travel is economy class or usually mileage in California and accommondations can be at a conference center, hotel, or guest room in a private house. Fees for national and international conferences and conventions are by arrangement. Use the contact form below to request more information.


“Ian Ruskin’s performance had a profound impact on our students…who are all in their own right struggling to realize their own value and contributions to this world, and the lessons learned as a result of experiencing this brilliant performance are many…for weeks following they commented on such things as: wanting to read more about the extraordinary life of Thomas Paine; wanting to read a particular work mentioned in the play…It is our upmost pleasure to give the highest praise and to recommend this play without reservation”.
--Julie Davis, Professor, History and Women’s Studies Sue Parsons, Director, Teacher Training Academy and Learning Communities Program Cerritos College

“What an honor to experience his script coupled with the greatest of performance art where he underscored the complexity and nuance of one of our true founders. Ruskin is the best historical reenactor I have ever seen! He is a true historian in his own right!!!”
--Lois MacMillan, Oregon Gilder Lehrman History Teacher of the Year

The fee includes:

  • All props and costume
  • Sound cues on an iPad in Keynote with all connecting cables
  • Coordination of technical requirements
  • 3 personalized templates for a program, 8x11 flyer and a 16x22 poster
Ian Ruskin is happy to do phone interviews for print and radio publicity.

To learn more about bringing the play to your union, conference, college or university, museum, library, community group or theatre, download our interactive iBook or PDF for pc/Android users or use the form below to contact us.