Take Action

Thomas Paine had a clear vision of a more democratic country than almost anyone else in America. While the other Founding Fathers were debating as to how much white men, would need to be worth in order to have the privilege of voting- 40 acres or £40 worth of livestock, for example- Paine called for the abolition of slavery and for ALL free men to vote, (even as John Adams disparaged Common Sense as being so “democratical”). Paine wanted the benefits he described in "Rights of Man" and "Agrarian Justice" to be given equally to men and women. Were he alive today Paine would be outraged that there are still attempts to restrict the right to vote, and outraged that this debate was not settled long ago.

So, in honor of his vision, we encourage you to visit National Voter Registration Day and become part of National Voter Registration Day. This is a nationwide non-partisan organization whose aim is simply to help people to register to vote. They have media kits for you to use and on September 27th, 2016 they will have centers all over America where you can go and volunteer for a few hours to help register people to vote and, who knows, perhaps make America a truer Democracy!

We also support the efforts of VoteRiders which has a wealth of information, with a particular emphasis on helping people get their Voter ID in the 32 states that demand it. It lists specific ways that you can help this non-profit ensure that the most vulnerable of America’s citizens will have the ID needed to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

If you or your friends have questions about their voter eligibility or whether or not they are registered to vote, visit Can I Vote where individuals can look up whether they are registered and how to register if they are not, in all 50 states.

If any of you know of other non-partisan sites that help with voter registeration or voting rights, please use the form below and send them to us so that we can post them here.